Professional Piano Tuning

with iPad and iPhone

pianoscope turns your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate assistant for creating high-quality piano tunings.

For passionate pianists.

Are you annoyed that your piano soon loses its finely balanced sound after being professionally tuned? Then, with pianoscope standard and some practice, you can create high-quality tunings yourself. You don’t have to to train your hearing for years. All you need is a little manual talent and the courage to learn a new skill.

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For professional piano tuners.

With the pro edition of pianoscope you can increase your precision and efficiency and make your work less tiresome. Measure the inharmonicity of an instrument at lightning speed, or accelerate the pitch raising of strongly out-of-tune pianos. With pianoscope pro you will meet the expectations of even the most demanding pianists

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Individual for each instrument.

In contrast to other string instruments, there is unfortunately no perfect tuning for pianos. This is due to the so-called inharmonicity which in fact differs for each piano and even for each string. For this reason it is also impossible to tune a piano with conventional tuners like for guitars or violins.

Before you can tune a piano for the first time, you must begin by playing a selection of notes to pianoscope. From these it creates a model for the inharmonicity of the entire instrument. This is now like a fingerprint - it stays the same for the lifetime of the piano.

The Tuning Curve.

Because of inharmonicity, not all intervals can sound perfectly harmonious. Professional piano tuners therefore use their trained hearing to find a compromise between the purity of different intervals.

pianoscope simulates this balance with a sophisticated algorithm. It generates the so-called tuning curve - the ultimate plan of how to tune each string in your piano. Here you can choose which intervals this calculation should prefer. This enables a variety of sounds even with a single instrument.

Precise Feedback.

Once the tuning curve has been calculated, pianoscope helps you to transfer it to the instrument in any order you like. It automatically and quickly recognizes which notes you are tuning and gives you intuitive, graphical feedback.

Just keep tuning until the red line appears in the middle of the scale. Then the current string has reached its calculated target. Alternatively you can use the strobe. Its movement is reminiscent of the audible beats that professional piano tuners listen to. When it comes to rest, the note is perfectly tuned.

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